Top 10 Signs You're in Love With Someone

andyliublog於 17/05/2017 發表 收藏文章
1. Your heart JUMPS when the phone rings and SINKS a bit when you realize it is not your love interest on the other end.

2. The moment you hang up you want to call them right back because you think of 1,000 other things you want to say or share with them.

3. You begin a lot of emails to them, rewrite them and then can't quite think of how to exactly word them, erase them and ultimately run out of time when all you really want to do is call and talk to them.

4. Your heart smiles when you scroll through your most recently dialed or received phone calls and you see their name there.

5. Joy pours into your heart when you see their name appear in your email in-box and the joy turns to elation when you get to read their message. You read their email over and over and over again.
6. You continually find ways to bring up their name in almost every conversation and your friends and family begin to take notice.

7. Your mind wanders to thoughts of them way too often and you hang out in that space way too long.

8. You are inspired to do your best work and to become the best person you can be.

9. You feel like you are defying gravity as you if you are walking on air.

10. You day and night dream about them. . . a lot!

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